How to Secure Your iPhone from Hacks and Data Theft?

13 January 2017

Paris: There’s no doubt iPhone is the most secure smartphone available currently, but at times hackers go way ahead of all security and steal your valuable and private data.

Of course, Apple takes strict measures and enforces some good stuff to make sure that the users’ data is safe and secure. But one can’t be over cautious about and there will be some setbacks that make the data vulnerable to hacks.

So here we’ve covered some simple tips to keep your iPhone secure from data thefts and hacks. Take a look at them below:

1. Always Keep Your iOS Updated

Let’s start with the simple one; yes, as most of us are aware that Apple keeps releasing the updates quite frequently and every update will have something new to offer to the users. So, in order to keep your iPhone secure, make sure that you are on the latest iOS update; don’t ever miss a smaller dot update too.

Hackers always keep finding ways to crack your device’s security system and gain access to personal data. New iOS updates are always a way of fighting exploits by patching even the tiny holes or flaws. So, if you miss an update, your device will be more vulnerable to data theft.

In order to update to the latest iOS version, navigate to Settings > General > Software update on your iPhone; you will either be welcomed with a message saying that you’re already on the latest update or be prompted to download the latest one.

2. Activate Find My iPhone

Another simple tip to fight hacks and data thefts is to activate ‘Find my iPhone’ on your device. Earlier, this app was optional, but now with the introduction of iOS 9, Apple has made it a default app and it cannot be deleted.

But how ‘Find my iPhone’ app helps you protect your device from hackers?

Imagine that you’ve lost your iPhone; you never know whose hand it goes to. What if the person who gets your phone plays some hacks on your device? But if you activate ‘Find my iPhone’, you can login to the app from another iOS device or via web and can wipe all your data remotely, so that the hacker finds nothing even if they manage to gain access to your device.

To wipe your data remotely, you can simply log in to the app on any other iOS device, select your IPhone and tap on ‘Erase iPhone’. Confirm the action, and you’re done.

3. Protect Device with a Strong Password

We all know that iPhone is known and loved for its 4 digit pin password protection, but there are chances that someone can take some random numbers, and it matches your password. And the result is some random person gets access to your personal data.

Now with the new iOS update, the users can set a 6 digit password for their iPhone, but still it’s not enough for hackers. So what can be done? Use a paraphrase! While passcodes just allow you to set some digits from 1-9, passphrase lets you include numbers, letters and symbols as well and it’s obviously a little difficult to breakthrough it.

To change it from normal passcode to a passphrase, simply navigate to Settings > General > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode, and you can do it by choosing 'Custom Alphanumeric Code'. Then you’ll be prompted to choose the desired passphrase.

4. Beware of Unknown Links

This is kind of self-explanatory. If you receive any suspicious link via email, text or while browsing the web, don’t click on it as it could lead to some serious threat to your device.

Though it doesn’t let the hackers get access directly to your iPhone, some act like popular email clients like Gmail and try to get access to your email accounts. Usually such pages look very close to the original thing, and this makes users give all their details.

5. Disable Siri

Again Siri is one of the most loved features of iPhone which lets users perform some tasks on their iPhone without using their hands. But no matter how helpful the feature is, it can also be a threat sometimes by providing hackers your sensitive data.

Of course, Siri asks some questions to verify it’s you before providing any information about contacts, pictures and videos, but there have been instances where people have bypassed it and gained access to the device.

To disable the access to Siri on your lock screen, head to Settings > Touch ID and turn the option “allow access when locked” off.

6. Turn off Auto-fill

This is also somewhat similar to the above tip; Apple’s auto fill feature in Safari provides hackers the details of website logins, while also prompting the users to save the information. It’s certainly a very handy feature that comes along with iPhone; you don’t have to remember myriads of login information, credit/debit card information; just tapping a button will automatically fill the details.

But if a hacker manages to get access to your device, it provides them the login credentials of all that you’ve saved. In order to disable the auto-fill feature, navigate to Settings > Safari > Auto-fill and turn off each option.

So now you know how to secure your iPhone from hacks and data thefts. Make sure you follow these tips and never let some random people access your iPhone. Along with that there are several security apps which help you protect your phone from hacks. Want to build any such iPhone apps? Don’t worry! Just send us an enquiry, and we’ll help you build an eye-catching iPhone app.

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