Google Offers a Way to Access Apps without Even Downloading Them

15 December 2015

Paris: Google has always been finding new ways to make the apps more useful. Earlier, there was a time where we had to sit in front of a desktop computer and search Google for any information. But now we have most powerful computers within our pockets and we reach out for apps instantly for any information we need to know. Now it seems like Google has gone one more step ahead in making the apps more useful with the release of its new technology.

Yes, with this new technology, Google is planning to offer users a way to use the apps without even downloading them. It’s been said that, Google is going to display the contents of apps as interactive streaming videos. The search results will be displayed as deep links to relevant content inside the apps. Users can act upon it based on their requirements like booking a hotel room by just swiping or pushing a button as they do on apps and websites.

Why this move from Google?

Google knows the pulse of the audience and it knows that these days the users spend majority of their time on apps rather than web. It just wants to confront this big challenge of users spending more time on apps. For this to happen, Google search must be able to see inside the apps as it does on websites, said the product management head of a location based app called Foursquare.

Is this only for Android?

Yes, for now the technology works only on Android phones over a strong Wi-Fi network as the apps will be streamed as videos and it certainly demands a lot of bandwidth. According to a Google spokeswoman, the initial version of this technology includes nine apps which don’t have a mobile website; the apps are MacroPinch, Gormey, Chimani, Hotel Tonight, Useful Knots, Visual Anatomy, Daily Horoscope, My Horoscope and New York subway system.

The new technology is highly significant for app developers as they had to insert a special piece of code into the accompanying websites in order to allow Google to search their apps. According to Scott Huffman, Vice President of Google, this is potentially a great deal as it can make the apps instantly available like websites.

This is certainly a great development in the Internet industry as it can really be helpful for numerous mobile users. Sometimes, the users will not be aware of the app’s name but they will have to access some information on the app; in such cases, the users can just give their inputs on the search column and the search results will show up the deep links for the relevant contents inside the app.

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