Exceptional iPhone Apps to Manage Your Personal Finances

30 January 2015

Paris: People make different resolutions for every New Year; it may be related to health, fitness or relationships. These are the usual things which most of the people would do. But, some people think of budgeting, savings and investment as it is really important these days. Fortunately, today there are apps to support such resolutions.

Below mentioned are a few iPhone apps which lets you take the control of your personal finances:

  1. Level Money: It’s an amazing application which keeps you aware of your financial status. It automatically updates you with the detailed information on the spendable cash. All that you have to do is, hook up the application with your bank account; as and when you make purchases, the app provides the real time picture of your account status. So, you will get to know how much money you can spend.
  2. Mint Bills & Money: Keeping track of the bills to be paid might be stressful for most of the people. But, failing to do it could be even more stressful. This is where Mint Bills and Money comes into picture. The app notifies you when any of your bills are in due through an email or a push notification. It also allows you to pay the bill through the app itself. Bill payment is free if you do it via bank account. But you need to pay some tax if you use your debit or credit cards.
  3. BUDGT: Once you get an idea of the amount left with you, you can have an estimate on how you can save or spend that money. An app called BUDGT helps you in doing it easily. BUDGT lets you set a budget for the different categories on which you would spend money. It shows how well you are going along with the fixed budget. So, you can get compromised on your spending and can go according to the planned budget.  
  4. Acorns: Saving money is no more a tough task now as you lots of have innovative apps which help you in saving money. One such app is Acorns; it lets you save the small amounts left as change during any purchases. You just have to link your debit and credit cards with the app. The app collects all the spare change left while purchasing online. It combines all the change together and invests that amount in a professionally managed portfolio.
  5. Your bank’s app:  Most of the bank will have their own apps now. If you are not making use of it, try using it. Having your bank’s app installed in your mobile device, you can check your account balance instantly. You can also take a look of your investments, credit card details or any other financial services that you are using. It’s an ideal way to make sure that everything related to your account is going fine.

Make use of the above mentioned applications and be financially balanced. If not balanced, the apps at least make you aware of your status. This status definitely rings a bell in your mind so that you could compromise on your future spending while concentrating on savings and investment.

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