Apple Offers Intense Security for iMessage and FaceTime with Two-Step Authentication!

10 March 2015

Paris: Good news for iPad, iPhone and Mac users is that the Apple has enabled two-step verification for some of its features. This definitely adds an extra security while preventing your accounts being hacked. Two-step authentication is basically designed to prevent someone accessing your account even when they know your password.

Apple has enhanced the security for its multimedia and voice/video calling feature; i.e. for iMessage and FaceTime. These services received two-factor authentication for more security. It means that, if somebody is using their Apple email ID and password to access FaceTime or iMessage on a new device, they still have to use a PIN from the trusted device to access those services.

No more hacks on your iMessage and FaceTime accounts

Apple which had brought the two-step verification for iCloud and iTunes accounts in 2013 has rolled out the same for FaceTime and iMessage accounts. Though Apple has not made any official announcement about it, its support page has been updated with a topic to add the feature to FaceTime and iMessage. If the users enable this feature, they will have to enter a second security code apart from their normal username and password in order to use their video chat and messaging accounts.

4 Digit verification code

For those who are not aware of this two-step authentication, they can just go to password and security tab to enable it. But to enable this feature, the users have to register one more trusted device. As soon as you register a device, you will receive a 4 digit verification code via SMS or through ‘Find my iPhone’ application if you have installed it on your device.

14 Character Recovery Key

The users will also a 14-Character Recovery key along with the security code while setting up two-step authentication. This key is recommended to be printed and kept safely as it can be used to gain the access to Apple ID accounts when the original users forget their password or it can also be used when they lose access to their trusted device.

What made Apple to think of two-step authentication?

People expect a lot more from Apple. The users who are concerned about their security are very demanding. Password authentication was developed at the time when such thing was really sufficient; but the fact is that the abilities of password-only authentication were not at all enough to defend against the attackers. So, going a step ahead would overwhelm the usefulness of passwords. So, multifactor authentication is really a good start towards securing the technologies.

It’s really a great thing that Apple is stretching its two-step authentication to cover more services; particularly for these kind of services which need person-to-person communication.

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