10 Best Photo Apps for a Mobile Photographer

28 October 2014

Paris: Camera is one of the most important features on any smartphone. Photography is all about capturing the perfect moments at perfect time. Sometimes, a delay of half a second could ruin a great shot. To aid this, there are plenty of photo mobile apps available for almost all platforms, which help photographers to add filters, change the exposure, convert to B&W and even play with the brightness, saturation, contrast, and shadows. Using such mobile apps, you can turn a raw photo into a polished one.

Here are 10 best photo apps that suit a mobile photographer:

  1. Photoshop: Photoshop mobile app lets you edit and share photos virtually anywhere with its wide variety of functionalities. It features touch-to-crop, rotate, and colour adjusting options which can be used to enhance the image quality. It enables you to access all your videos and images directly from your free Photoshop account.
  2. Vignette: Vignette is a full-featured photo application using which you can add extra light flairs to your photographs and make them even more amazing than they already are. The app uses more than 70 customisable filters and 50 frames in any combination which lets you create various photo effects.
  3. Photoid: It is an all-round photo app that allows you to add frames and effects. It features high resolution clip-arts and stickers. Using this app, you can also rotate your pictures and add extra effects by using different mask modes.
  4. PhotoWonder: It is a fun app that lets you edit pictures on your smartphones. It features filter camera with real-time effects that helps you to take more artistic pictures. PhotoWonder has a large collection of beautiful effects using which you can whiten skin colour, remove acne and enlarge eyes.
  5. PicSay: It is an award winning photo editor with powerful features. PicSay is an all in one app with intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It lets you colour-correct your pictures, add balloons, titles, and effects like distortion.
  6. Facetune: Facetune allows you to fix the facial imperfections easily.It gives you a quick makeover for a flawless complexion and surgery-free enhancements. You can also remove a stray hair; give yourself a wrinkle-free skin, get rid of red eye and even change the colour of your eye.
  7. Pixtr: Pixtr automatically detects the thing that needs to be corrected in a photograph. It ensures a flawless and natural look by eliminating skin blemishes and red eyes. It works well even for the group photos.
  8. Perfect365: Perfect365 makes it easy for you to remove dark circles under eyes, remove unsightly blemishes from your skin, and even customize your face with its auto face detection feature. It comes with pre-set makeup templates to give you an instant makeover.
  9. Visage Lab: This app touches up your picture automatically by applying skin and eye makeup, removing shine, smoothing wrinkles, enhancing colours and even whitening the teeth at once. It also enables you to share your pictures instantly after the edition.
  10. Beauty Camera:The app doesn’t only help you to brighten up your poorly lit pictures, but also changes the pictures tone in detail. Using Beauty Camera, you can also take pictures, smoothen out the skin and remove any dark spots.

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