How to Get Started with CSS Calc

CSS calc () is a property expression which allows you to perform minor calculations on the stylesheets itself. The expression allows us to calculate the result of the subtraction between two different CSS length values right on the stylesheets without using JavaScript, even if the lengths don’t share the same units.

Using CSS calc (), we can perform basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The function works on many types of numerical CSS values like time, length, angle, frequency, integers and numbers.

6 Extraordinary Features to Lookout for in HTML6

Since when HTML was launched, it has been receiving a great response from designers and developers across the globe. We have been using HTML from quite some time now, but the question is how efficiently it works while designing a website. The markup languages should work as per the requirements but with the existing markups, the developers are struggling to integrate the responsive features that make the website speedy and semantic.

3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Website from Hacking

Today, hackers are everywhere and they have been looking for the sites with easy to guess passwords for the admin account or those who have failed to apply the patch. Most of you might have come across the situation where your email account is blocked or the Facebook password not working. This is because your passwords might have been hacked. Earlier hackers used to try the brute force password guessing method as the first attack on the content management systems. Then they used to exploit the benefits of just-published vulnerabilities.

4 Unbelievably Helpful Ecommerce Automations

Every business owner needs to take care of the customer service, marketing, accounting and many other things. Time is the main concern for all the business owners; they need to manage their time to take care of all the things in the business. But now, they don’t have to worry about the time, as the technology has improved a lot and there is a solution for everything.

11 Sensational WordPress Statistics for Law Firms

WordPress has become the best content management system (CMS) for many small, medium and large law firms. As most of the modern law firms are being designed to meet the requirements of an agent’s website exactly, it is much easier to get the exact site you need. It comes with numerous options for customisation. But, the real advantage of using it is that the default settings build an amazing website.

WordPress statistics of which law firms should make a note:

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