6 Extraordinary Features to Lookout for in HTML6

Since when HTML was launched, it has been receiving a great response from designers and developers across the globe. We have been using HTML from quite some time now, but the question is how efficiently it works while designing a website. The markup languages should work as per the requirements but with the existing markups, the developers are struggling to integrate the responsive features that make the website speedy and semantic.

When it comes to the development of high-end web solutions, achieving it with HTML5 is really a challenge. This is why there is a huge demand for a markup language that overcomes the obstacles of HTML5. Here are 6 extraordinary features people are expecting in HTML6 that surely outpace web development.

#1. Dedicated Libraries: We know that it’s jQuery that brought a revolution in JavaScript including the standard libraries. But the amount of energy used to load jQuery is really high. Also, numerous websites are utilizing the cacheable versions of JavaScript libraries. When a large number of designers prefer a specific library, the libraries can be diffused with the browsers. This is also a reason for developers expecting a new HTML version.

#2. Camera Integration: As the result of modern technology, most of the users today are communicating with a browser having a microphone and a camera connected to it. Including a photo or video capturing feature in HTML6 would help the users to easily access the images stored in the device. The device also offers a better control over the camera and boosts the detection rate.

#3. Pluggable Pre-processors: The currently existing HTML versions already have pre-processors to convert languages into JavaScript. But the upcoming HTML6 should focus on improving the code optimization process by adopting certain features.  

#4. Pluggable Languages: If HTML6 comes up with effective pluggable languages, it would be very useful for designers to craft unique designs in a prompt manner. Any browser can implement this feature with just a few steps. 

#5. Better Annotation: Generally, the HTML structure supports annotations only through sentences, paragraphs and words. The developers are expecting a dynamic version that is capable of supporting annotations even for images and videos.  

#6. More Control over Video Object: In the upcoming HTML version, developers are expecting to have a finer control over the structure of the videos dispersed on the web page. The current version comes with a rectangle that packs a frame from a video and the control is given across a text track. It will be really helpful for the developers if HTML6 embraces the call-back hooks and synchronization mechanisms.   

The web developers will always be looking for some new features that can make their site better, slicker and more interesting. The above listed proposals can really be helpful for developers to improve the web pages.

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