4 Unbelievably Helpful Ecommerce Automations

Every business owner needs to take care of the customer service, marketing, accounting and many other things. Time is the main concern for all the business owners; they need to manage their time to take care of all the things in the business. But now, they don’t have to worry about the time, as the technology has improved a lot and there is a solution for everything.

The business owners can lighten their load by automating some of the routine and repetitive tasks in the business so that they can focus more on building customer relationship which helps in the growth of business. The beauty of these automations is that they are technologically more advanced and have become inexpensive. This certainly helps any business owner to stay strong in the competition.      

Let's take a look of four helpful ecommerce automations that save a lot of time:

  1. Shipstation: Automation is something like utilizing the services of any third party logistics (3PL) firm to get your order fulfilled. Shipstation is an automation tool which gets integrated with your shopping cart and UPS or FedEx accounts. With this tool, all that you have to do is, logging in to Shipstation and clicking ‘print’. Just a click of button helps you in getting all the necessary shipping labels and packing slips. So it’s definitely an incredible time saver.
  2. Desk: You might have come across a situation where you are searching for some help on a website and stumbling upon its support forum which is full of helpful articles.  If you don’t get enough information from the articles, you can still submit a ticket to the company asking for the further assistance. This is exactly how the ‘Desk’ works. Desk lets you create and host a public and on-going dialogue between you and your customers. This can reduce the inbound questions, as it provides answers for most common questions in the forum.
  3. Facebook videos: Even though Facebook videos cannot be typically included as automation, it has worked really well for automating the revenue. If you know how to make use of Facebook videos within the ad platform, you can effectively automate your marketing and thus automating the revenue generation in an astoundingly controllable manner.  
  4. WooCommerce: If you want to sell something online, you need a shopping cart. If you are a master in programming languages, you can build one for yourself; but it seems to be a bad idea. There are several options which plugs right onto your website. WooCommerce is one such option which provides a plugin for almost everything you would need. You want to create any payment system? Want any rewards or referral programs? Don’t worry! Just plug it in.  

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