3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Website from Hacking

Today, hackers are everywhere and they have been looking for the sites with easy to guess passwords for the admin account or those who have failed to apply the patch. Most of you might have come across the situation where your email account is blocked or the Facebook password not working. This is because your passwords might have been hacked. Earlier hackers used to try the brute force password guessing method as the first attack on the content management systems. Then they used to exploit the benefits of just-published vulnerabilities. Actually passwords are the easy problems for the users to solve but keeping up with the steady stream of vulnerabilities and patches requires persistent effort.

Here are the three best practices that help you protect your website from hacking:

Update the CMS: The first and foremost step you need to follow is to keep the CMS updated. Those who are managing a website must either use a hosting service to manage the CMS updates or develop a process to keep up with the information on the vulnerabilities. Subscribing to any vulnerability feeds is actually a requisite to patch the vulnerabilities in either CMS or its plugin. It’s as hard as impossible for the developers to keep up with the vulnerabilities. When they are running a site, it’s very difficult to keep track of all the vulnerabilities and applying the patch for all of them.

Don’t forget your themes and plugins: As said in the above point, attackers have been targeting the vulnerabilities in themes and plugins to compromise the websites. This is even more challenging than keeping the main content management system up to date. The attackers are trying to compromise as many WordPress sites as possible through the zero-day or the recently discovered vulnerability. Then they are using those sites for other attacks. Several WordPress plugins like BulletProof, Wordfence and others are providing tight security by performing security related tasks like scanning the websites for compromises.

Maintain your website: Having a website is actually a responsibility and it needs to be maintained in a proper way. The site admins need to have the regular backup and also make sure that the backup is copied off the web server. If you fall short of time to do these much needed activities, it’s advised to go with a fully managed site. You can find lots of templates in WordPress.com where you can choose from. For other CMSs like Drupal or Joomla, a hosted service provider can manage the CMS on that server helping you keep your site patched.

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