11 Sensational WordPress Statistics for Law Firms

WordPress has become the best content management system (CMS) for many small, medium and large law firms. As most of the modern law firms are being designed to meet the requirements of an agent’s website exactly, it is much easier to get the exact site you need. It comes with numerous options for customisation. But, the real advantage of using it is that the default settings build an amazing website.

WordPress statistics of which law firms should make a note:

  1. WordPress sites across the globe disclose 17 posts each second: This reaches up to 1,023 posts per minute, 61,391 blog post per hour and 1.5 million posts per day. And this number includes only the sites which the WordPress CMS can track.
  2. Consolidated traffic on WordPress sites are 14.7 billion page views per month: Just considering this year, blogs in the WordPress network gathered an average of 14.7 billion page views/month.
  3. WordPress blogs accrues 5.5 million comments in a month: Comment system in WordPress or the Disqus system integrated with WordPress can manage a huge load. It is associated with software that filters out innumerable spam comments.
  4. 14.1 million WordPress (4.0) downloads: Though it’s released just a few months back, WordPress 4.0 has attained maximum download numbers. Not all the 14 million are running on the live installs of WordPress, but you can gauge the developments currently being done on WordPress.
  5. Less than 20% of WordPress sites have been updated: WordPress is vulnerable to hacking and other security concerns. This is what WordPress is striving to address with improved versions. Many larger law firms are running a decent number of WordPress blogs on separate installs. Each of the blog has separate plug-ins for the features requested by the attorneys. This has made it a nightmare for technical teams of the firms to keep the blogs running on updated WordPress versions. Though WordPress is an open source platform, law firms need to choose the competent WordPress developers for running custom blogs and websites on WordPress.
  6. WordPress is available with 51 translations: The count of languages in which WordPress is available is increasing firmly. This is really huge for certain larger law firms. Multi-language availability is so vital for LexBlog, not just for serving the existing client base, but also for supporting WordPress’s growth overseas.
  7. 34,000+ WordPress plugins: Extendibility is one of the main reasons for WordPress being ahead of other platforms. Numerous plugins are available for any feature you just think of. As plugins are developed by WordPress developers of various skills, many plugins are not reliable to just start off with or to interfere it with the plugins which are already being used. Earlier, we used plugins to reach up to the lawyer’s expectations. But, with increasing WordPress developers, numerous plugins have been whittled down to provide a more secure platform.
  8. Akismet is the #1 plugin: With more than 24 million downloads, Akismet has been the most popular plugin for spam protection.Akismet and several other spam filters integrated into WordPress keep you secure from number of spam comments hitting your blog.
  9. WordPress is downloaded more than 46 million times: Since July 2013, the free version of WordPress has been downloaded 46 million times. This simply means a 100 times per day. As blogging is becoming more popular, the average WordPress downloads per day is significantly increasing.
  10. 25% of WordPress users are making full-time use of it: This stat should influence law firms building blogs and website on platforms other than WordPress, as it could result in future problems. WordPress community is futuristic and long-serving. The companies and people employing WordPress will be able to easily update and re-design the websites and blogs.
  11. WordPress is most popular with businesses but not with news sites: Among the top one million websites across the globe, the major share of websites powered by WordPress CMS is related to businesses. They substantially stand with less number of news sites, where WordPress usage is least popular.

Although WordPress is suitable for almost all kind of business websites and blogs but it is a great choice for law firms worldwide. This CMS is best suited to lawyers and law firms due to the ease of customization and inbuilt options for blogging. You don’t need to be tech savvy for using this platform to promote your firm. Once you choose WordPresss for your law firm then you only need to focus on the law practices all other things can be easily done by the most popular CMS of the world.  

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